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Official Information


Any foreigner participating any professional sports or performance in Japan is required to obtain Performance Visa when entering this country.
* Not only the drivers / riders, but all mechanics, race officials and anyone else involved in operation of the teams are required to obtain Performance Visas when entering Japan.
The designated application forms can be obtained from Japanese Embassy / Consulate. They should be obtained in advance to fill in the required information and attach required photos.

The necessary application forms are also available from Twin Ring Motegi. Please contact us to obtain master list for visa application. Fill in the required information for each team member that you are applying for and return this list to us. We will then send you the necessary forms for each applicant.

After the required information for each applicant is filled in on the forms, submit these forms along with respective passports and two (2) passport photos of each applicant to the nearest Japanese Embassy / Consulate.

It generally takes about two weeks for visa issuance.

NOTE: If the currently valid passport will expire before your departure date from Japan or if there is not enough space in the current passport for attaching the visa stamp, the application will be rejected automatically. Please obtain new passport before application.
* The visa currently issued is in the form of a sticker taking up one entire page unlike the stamps in the past.


The Japanese law requires that any individual who uses radio equipment for various operations must file an application and be licensed in advance. Under the provisions of the Japanese law, using the radios that may be permitted without a license in other countries in Japan without notice is not allowed in Japan, and it is forbidden for any foreign party or individual to use a rental radio licensed in Japan.
The use of amateur radio equipment is also forbidden.
The use of radios upon any motorsports event in Japan is administered by "Motor Sports Radio Association" (MoSRA). MoSRA is an organization specialized in the administration and control of radio equipment, and its services include the examination of applications and the control of license. All frequencies are monitored at all times throughout the event.
Please note very carefully that any unauthorized use of the radio with no license in Japan will be subject to legal measures.
Motorsports Division of Twin Ring Motegi will be your contact in respect to the procedure in the above. Please contact our staff for any inquiry.

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