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Exchange and Credit Card


We recommend you to exchange your money to Japanese yen at the airport upon your arrival. Several hotels in Utsunomiya and Mito do have exchange services of foreign currencies, but they will not accept them in a large amount. Those hotels generally only accept US dollars.
Exchange of foreign currencies may be made at a number of banks, but their working hours are very short, and will not be found useful for the race participants.
Please ensure to exchange your money before your departure or at the airport.


The ATM machines available in the vicinity of Twin Ring Motegi that will allow you to withdraw cash with any international ATM card are very limited. We advise you to withdraw at the airport or any ATMs at 7-Eleven stores, PRIOR TO your arrival in Twin Ring Motegi.

Credit Cards

Only VISA and Master Card are the major international credit cards accepted at TWIN RING MOTEGI.

Sales tax

Most purchases in Japan, including meals and drinks, are levied 8% sales tax. However, with most items, the tax is already included in the price tag.


Tipping is not a custom in Japan. Instead, 10 to 20% of service charge is included in the price, or collected automatically at the hotels and restaurants. You will not be expected to tip at all in principle, even if you may ask for any additional services.

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